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I am the founder of the Helping Hands - Foundation for the Arts. Our mission is to bring music, art and creativity into the lives of those in need; we assist low income families and individuals, kids and adults affected by mental and physical barriers and those affected by trauma and abuse. I myself have experienced all of the above, from being a low income single mom, to being held back by mental illness, such as depression and anxiety, physical barriers such as diabetes and years of abuse, along with many traumatic situations in my life to date. The one common thing that got me through everything is creativity; music and art.

I truly believe that music, art and creativity have literally kept me alive at times. Its a means for healing, for self expression, connecting with the deepest parts of myself and more. Witnessing my own personal transformations, gave me the desire to share this same experience with others. My mission in life is to help as many people as possible heal, so more people will be living their authentic truth, in their peaceful most joyous state. I have been a witness to other people healing through creative expression and the outcome has been amazing time and time again.

I am excited to share with Helping Hands. My goal is to infuse the world and ignite the human spirit through music, art and creativity. Hope you will join me on this journey, whether you are someone needing help, or someone who wants to help, lets all come together to make a positive impact in this world we live in.

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